So you’ve signed up for your first ever pole dance class – now what? You may be wondering what you are about to walk into.  Will you immediately be transformed into a Hustlers inspired dancer? What if you haven’t been to the gym…ever? Will you need to invest in some 8″ heels? And what on earth will you wear?  Fret not, my aspiring poler, we are about to break down exactly what you can expect during your first pole class!

1. You definitely don’t have to be an athlete to start. Pole dance is not only a physical challenge but also a mental undertaking. Our goal is to help you gain this skill gradually, with no previous experience necessary. Your classes will be physically challenging, but you don’t need to be a gym-rat or ballerina before signing up. No strength or grace required! Pole utilizes muscles that the average person does not use on a daily basis. Discovering your movement and your power will be a journey in and of itself; one that you, your fellow classmates, and your coach will go on together as you gain strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. 

2. Your goal is never to look like someone else, and that’s what we love about pole. Each dancer will have a different body shape; a different style of dance; a different learning curve, and that’s what is so great about this sport! You’ll feel amazing knowing that there is no standard body type, and that with a little bit of practice, you can accomplish things you never imagined possible!  No matter who you may be, we want you to feel confident, empowered and to own your energy in all of our classes. Iron X Fitness is not the place you come to get a six-pack, but rather the place you come to to make peace with your body and accept it for what it is (although, a six-pack could definitely be a side effect!).  You be you – no matter who that “you” may be. 

3. Safety first!  Just like any sport, improper technique can cause stress (or even injury) on your muscles and joints if not trained properly.  Our professional coaches will guide you through a warm up, cool down, and safety measures to ensure you can spin and dance freely, without harm.  Please discuss any injuries or limitations with your coach before class, and they will provide variations of any move that may be beyond your physical scope.

4. It’s not all Cardi B wearing rhinestone pasties! I mean, I’ve seen some beautiful pasties on some beautiful people, but they’re maybe not the most befitting ensemble when learning your first log roll.  All you need to wear for your first class is a comfortable tank top/shirt, some leggings and bare feet.  As you move on to higher levels, your coach will inform you of the appropriate clothing to wear.  For now, keep it simple and comfortable!You’ll come across several milestones in your pole journey; each and every one one of them making you stronger and more confident to face the next challenge ahead.  Whether that be your first time showing your midriff (we all get food baby’s), or that scary spin where you fall backwards, accomplishing each of these personal milestones will elevate your spirit and make you feel unstoppable.  Learn a new skill, own your energy, and be part of an amazing and supportive community. Sign up for our upcoming Intro to Pole 4-week series now at www.ironxfitness.ca!  You’ll be spinning and pirouetting in no time!