The sun will come out, tomorrow! – but that’s a wrap on the Iron X Fitness Showtunes Spring Showcase.

This season’s event was all about your favourite melodious numbers, from broadway classics like Big Spender (Sweet Charity), to the movies we can’t help but sing along to, like Your Song (Moulin Rouge).  Energetic routines and fanciful costumes were showcased, with fringe, feathers, and (it wouldn’t be show business without) sparkle.

There is no doubt that this year’s performances captured theatricality, camp and drama of the musical world. Whether lyrical or comedic, you could tell each and every one of our performers put a lot of thought into owning their musical number.

So what goes into creating this kind of performance?  It turns out the simple recipe includes a little sweat, nerves, and a heck of a lot of practice!  Most of our stars rehearsed their pole, lyra or group routines for months, and while many of our performers were seasoned vets, some had been performing for under three years.  Evidently, months of practice cannot alleviate the anxiety one feels before stepping on stage, even for those well versed dancers! According to our stars, pre-show nerves are very common but the adrenaline rush and audience energy makes the time, effort and jitters all worth it in the end.  

Showcase performances are a great way to showcase your talent in a safe space, without the pressures of a competition.  All of our audience members were there to show their support, be entertained and celebrate outstanding talent – and each of our performers definitely checked off all of those boxes.  If you have always wanted to perform or compete but haven’t had the courage to pull the trigger, performing at a showcase is a great way to find your sea legs!

If you cherished the glitz and glamour of our Showtunes theme, you will love the theme of our next showcase (and 3 Year Anniversary), Electric Glow!  Stay tuned for our next Iron X Fitness Showcase, taking place September 21st, 2019.

Our team would like to give a HUGE thanks to everyone who came out, the performers, our MC, Saffron St. James, our pole kittens, and volunteers for the night. Our amazing food and drinks were provided by J’ai Faim, Beau’s Brewery, and North of 7 Distillery.   

Photo by: Corvidae Studio