I thought that it would be appropriate to mark my one year membership with Iron X Fitness with a review of my experience at this studio.

I can easily spend two or three hours at the gym almost every day. “”How?! Some people may ask, well, it’s easy when I actually enjoy the classes I take, the coaches that lead them, and the peers that attend them alongside me.

I started taking beginner pole fitness classes at Iron X Fitness in October 2017. It was love at first sight – from the moment I stepped into the studio, I was drawn in by Karolyne’s warm welcome. She was enthusiastic about my first class and encouraged me over the next hour.

As the weeks went on, I was obsessed with trying new moves and getting better each class. Over the past year I’ve progressed from beginner to intermediate pole classes, as well as trying out some flirty pole and spin pole classes. Each class is taught by a wonderful instructor, whether it’s with Karolyne herself, or Andreana, Marie and Corina. I’ve always felt supported, encouraged and capable.

They have challenged me with new moves, always ensuring to follow safety protocols. I never thought I would be able to something so difficult yet amazing like pole fitness but here I am, kicking butt.

In fact, I felt confident enough to perform my own routine in the Lockdown Showcase in May 2018. It was exciting being able to choose a song, string together my favourite moves, and pick out an awesome outfit. It’s something I feel I can do again and I’ll only get better every year.

Remember how I said I can spend a few hours here? Well, not only am I practicing pole, but I am also partaking in other fitness classes, all of which can contribute to improving my pole skills. I’ve done cardio classes like HardCORE and Zumba, as well as stretch and mobility classes Be Flexy and Yoga Tune Up.

Sometimes the classes are one after the other and I end up staying all afternoon or evening. I would never imagine doing this at any other gym!

When I’m at Iron X Fitness I leave everything at the door and I focus on the class. All my worries from work or stresses at home melt away as I spin, climb, invert, or lift weights in the studio.

During the open gym sessions where you can practice your skills, I can sometimes choose the music, crank up the volume, and just dance it out. This is my favourite way to decompress. It’s my happy place. I love spending time there.

Karolyne has built a fabulous community for Ottawans to get together, exercise, and live a balanced life.

Thank you, Iron X Fitness, for being my second home, where I love spending much of my time!