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Own Your Energy

Get in Touch With Your Sensuality With Pole Dancing Classes in Ottawa

Challenge yourself in a supportive & body-positive environment.


We’re so excited that you’re interested in starting your pole journey with us at Iron X Fitness! Get ready to own your energy and discover your movement!

We offer a 4-week L1 Intro to Pole series which covers all the basics. You’ll learn spins and transitions and get a good feel about how to move around the pole. The class runs once per week on the same day/time every week.

*No upper body strength is required! This 4-week series is for all levels, all sizes and shapes, and all genders.
Once you graduate from the Intro series, you’ll be able to move up to L2 Climbs & Sits to start climbing and sitting on the pole.

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Who We Are

Iron X Fitness is more than a pole dancing studio. It’s a safe haven that offers you:

A chance to build your confidence both on and off the pole. An opportunity to get really good at facing your fears, so nothing can hold you back in the studio or in your daily life.

A welcoming environment that is supportive of all ages, sizes, abilities, gender identities, and backgrounds. We welcome everyone: our LGBTQ2S+ friends, SWers, and pole beginners.

The ability to try something new while being guided by coaches who are as excited about your progression and transformation as you are.

A client-based approach: we remember your birthday, celebrate your achievements with you, and provide you with personal attention from coaches who actually care about you as a person, not just a client.

We offer complimentary consultations for all new students. During the consultation, we get to know you, give you a studio tour, discuss your goals, needs, and more to provide you with the the best option. *If you have previous pole experience, we offer a complimentary pole assessment to place you in the right level.

Take the next steps in loving your body and mind, exploring your sensuality, and discovering new styles of movement. 

Harness your inner power

From the moment you arrive for your consultation and every class you take after, you’ll be given the opportunity to become someone stronger – mentally and physically – than who you were yesterday.

This is more than a workout.

It begins with personalized class recommendations from IXF staff who want to see you succeed and continues with a community that will celebrate your wins with you and support you wholeheartedly.

Hand holing a pole

Step out of your comfort zone and leave your worries at the door.

You belong here – and our supportive community will make sure you know that during every class.

“I love this place. It is my second home. I feel so loved and welcome when I come here. Pole is so much fun – it doesn’t matter that I’m not very good at it. I like that all my coaches and peers cheer me on when I try something new or get a move I’ve been working on. It’s a fun atmosphere. I leave my troubles at the door and dance it out. Highly recommend – you gotta try at least one class.”


Are you ready for a confident and empowered version of yourself?

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Book your free consultation. We want you to feel super comfortable in the class that’s best suited for you.

woman holding her high heel around a pole


Arrive at the studio for a 30 minute discussion with an IXF staff member about your goals and needs. 

woman arched in a bridge position


Attend your first class. You’ll be blown away by the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere!

Woman with her back resting on a pole

What to expect

You’ll get the full inclusive experience from the second you arrive for your first class and it will continue to grow from there. We’ll welcome you into our community with open arms. 

During your first class, you’ll get to know and interact with likeminded people through a series of fun icebreaker activities. We will do a warm-up, and prep ourselves mentally to embrace our sensuality and move our bodies freely. 

Frequently Asked Questions

85 Plymouth Street, unit B001 – Across the street from Drummond’s Gas on Bronson St. We are in the same building as RE/MAX.

  • In the event of COVID-19 lockdown-related restrictions, all classes are considered postponed until reopening and subject to studio credit only. 
  • Series cancellations must be done online, on the app (Achieve by WellnessLiving), or by phone a minimum of 24 (twenty-four) hours prior to the start of the series. 
  • Once registered into a series, if a student cannot attend a class, the student can contact us to let us know. It will count as if the student was present. The student must not remove themselves from any individual classes.
  • In the case that a participant cannot attend the series due to a medical emergency, a refund or studio credit will be issued. A Doctor’s note may be required. 
  • There are no refunds for any series. 

Since our classes are series (meaning 4 or 8 week sessions), we cannot offer drop-in classes. It’s best to try 4 classes so you can get the full experience and learn.

Since we are series-based, we review everything from the previous class so if you end up missing a class, you can always practice the moves during open pole. We cannot offer make-up classes.

  • For L1 Intro to Pole, we recommend a tank top and leggings and a water bottle. No shoes needed; you will be barefoot. 
  • For our After Dark Series, heels/socks and knee pads are recommended. If you do not own knee pads, we have some for rent. 

No! You build strength as you go. We start with the very basics by learning transitions and spins and gradually learn how to climb (L2) and invert (L3) on the pole. 

Yes! All of our coaching staff are certified under Pole Teacher Training and some carry more specialty certifications (like personal training, yoga, etc.). 

Absolutely NOT! Our poles are permanent and are rated for 1000lbs. People of all shapes, sizes, abilities, ages and genders are welcome.

Beginner (Level 1-2)
Intermediate (Level 3-5)
Advanced (Level 6-8)
Specialty Series

For Pole classes, we have 8 poles so everyone has their own pole. For floor classes, we limit the capacity to 10 students. 

Yes! Our staff are certified to teach Pre/Postnatal Pole and can modify any moves if needed.

Arrive wearing something comfortable that allows you to move freely. Keep in mind that you will be barefoot. For safety, avoid wearing lotion or jewelry.

When you choose Iron X Fitness, you’re choosing a community.

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