I don’t really know what made me decide to impulsively sign up for the IXF Performance Troupe, Glowing Glitz, but I’m so glad I did! It was thrilling being part of the first performance troupe of Iron X Fitness!

I have performed once before with a dance group a few years ago, but never in a small group and with a pole element. I had no clue what the end product would look like but I was pretty excited. 

From the first day you could tell our coach was so excited to be embarking on this journey with us and that enthusiasm was contagious. She believed in us and as the weeks and practices continued we started to believe in ourselves, too.

The practices weren’t always easy. Sometimes we all couldn’t be there at the same time. Life often gets in the way. Many a weeks I was running off to my night shift after rehearsal. And there was a lot of practice at home (my husband got really sick of our song really quick….I had to practice with headphones by about week 3). But we all wanted to be our best in time for performance. 

Andreana, our coach, was always around to lend a helping hand and give advice. Choreographing my pole solo was quite daunting but she was happy to help!

When it came time to perform at the studio Christmas party, it was a nice, fun way to ease in. You know you have the love and support of everyone at the studio. Our true performance night, the night we had been training for, was at the Bourbon Room. This night felt way more high stress, but I was completely blown away by the beauty, glamour, and confidence of all the other performers!

When it was our turn, it went by in a blur. But it was so wonderful to hear the cheers and clapping of the audience as we went. It was the perfect ending to 8 weeks of hard work!

So if you ask me, “would you do it again?”, I’d answer, “in a heartbeat!”


Chelsey has been pole dancing for about 3 and a half years and has been a student of Iron X Fitness for almost a year.