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Summer is finally here! As the heat rises, you might be tempted to sit in front of your air conditioner instead of making your way down to Iron X Fitness to dance with us. So help keep you motivated & moving in this hot summer heat, we’ve planned lots of great things for you to do at the studio this July! It will be hot, sticky, and sensational!

Our Playlist for July is inspired by all things Summer. What is the heat stoking in you? Take the chance to express how you feel about this seasonal shift with your body- whether you want to evoke a revelrous Summer Deity, or an all-powerful Ice Angel. There’s nothing like beating (or owning) the heat with the power of movement!

Our Non-Fiction Book of the Month is The Body Is Not An Apology by Sonya Renee Taylor

“Radical self-love invites us to love our bodies in a way that transforms how we understand and accept the bodies of others. This is not to say that we magically like everyone. It simply means we have debates and disagreements about ideas and character, not about bodies.”

Our Fiction Book of the Month is The Magicians by Lev Grossman

“Quentin Coldwater is brilliant but miserable. A high school math genius, he’s secretly fascinated with a series of children’s fantasy novels set in a magical land called Fillory, and real life is disappointing by comparison. When Quentin is unexpectedly admitted to an elite, secret college of magic, it looks like his wildest dreams have come true. But his newfound powers lead him down a rabbit hole of hedonism and disillusionment, and ultimately to the dark secret behind the story of Fillory. The land of his childhood fantasies turns out to be much darker and more dangerous than he ever could have imagined. . . .”