Own your eNergy


It’s time to show up for yourself- fearlessly and unapologetically. You deserve to embrace your confidence and your sensuality. We help you discover your inner power and ignite your soul by tapping into your feminine energy. Own Your Energy and feel sexy through sensual movement, badass tricks and choreography.

You may walk through our doors feeling nervous. You might arrive feeling overwhelmed or exhausted. We understand!

We promise you’ll leave each class feeling empowered, refreshed, and craving more!

woman behind pole in a semi-lunge position with arm back
Dancer in pink set and white heels hangs upside down on the pole one leg is hooked on the pole while the other is extended behind her


Dive back into your creativity and relearn how to play. Pole dancing is an empowering activity that not only develops strength but also helps build confidence. It requires courage to try out new moves on the pole – maybe something that scares you – and stepping outside of your comfort zone can lead to incredible growth over time.

When we learn how to work through our fears of failure or rejection instead of avoiding them, we can discover hidden talents within ourselves that we never knew existed! Learning new transitions, spins, badass tricks and heels choreo is a great way to do this. Your confidence will increase through consistent practice.

Whether you’re looking for an exciting new form of physical exercise or simply want to connect with yourself more deeply, adding pole dancing into your weekly routine is a great way to do just that! Not only does it improve strength and flexibility but it also gives you an opportunity to explore emotions and feelings through a safe and creative outlet.


We’re dedicated to you. We’re excited to welcome you into our edgy, supportive community. No matter what you’re feeling or what challenges you face, we support one another. Together, we build an environment of strength, dedication and hard work.

Dancer in a blue set poses on a pole her hands are gripping above her and her elbows knees are bent
Dancer in pink blue purple set poses crouched in front of a pole They are wearing dark red high heeled boots


The beating heart of all that we do, our certified coaches are committed to motivate and inspire you each step of the way. We’re here to guide you.

Our expertise gives you the tools you need to stay consistent with your practice and let go of fears to get curious on the pole.


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Pole Levels

Progressive Levels – L1 to L8
Spin Pole – Foundations to Adv.

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After Dark

Low lights & high heels
Embrace your sensual side

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New specialty series are introduced on a regular basis


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We are a community that supports one another through our failures and celebrates our successes.

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We provide an atmosphere to bring play and pleasure back into your life.

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We provide a space for you to connect deeper with your body and mind.

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We offer tools and accountability for you to commit to your self-care journey.

Dancer in blue set and blue boots sitting in front of pole she is extending her leg upwards and covering her face with a spread hand


  • Top Choice Award Pole Fitness Studio 
  • Private 1:1 training available
  • Supportive and welcoming community
  • Certified and highly-skilled coaches
  • Smaller, student-focused classes with more personal attention from coaches


Located in the Glebe Annex, we are walking distance to the Glebe, Centretown and Little Italy.

  • Free Parking
  • Easy access from HWY 417 (Bronson exit)
  • Accessible by OC Transpo
Dancer in nude coloured set and silver heels poses sideways on the pole her legs are extended behind the pole and her hands are crossedd dramatically in front of her